Monday, August 07, 2006

ccMusic (timer mix)

The following mixes were made to be used in a classroom setting as background and/or intermission music. In the class I am attending at the moment we frequently work on our own and then meet back up after a pre-determined time. For example we would go work at computer terminals for thirty minutes or take a break for fifteen. The mixes can be used as a musical stopwatch playing 5, 10, 15, or 30 minutes of work/study friendly music.

Each mix starts with a voice sample and ends with a chime to signal the end of the selected time. Here's the five minute segment.

When burning to a CD, I recommend adding 30 seconds of silence between tracks.

Download it all here or click on the MP3 button next to the time desired.


-5 minute segment- (downtempo instrumental)
Cycles - John Holowach
Big Idea - Short Faced Bear

-10 minute segment- (jazzy)
Good Morning - Pitx
Ophelia's Song - Klaus Neumaier's remix of Musetta
Brilliant Day - Lisa Debenedictis*

-15 minute segment- (beat driven)
Freedom Fighters/No Money Vibe - Shagrugge
More Than Two Sides - Fourstones with Colin Mutchler
Babylon Bring Me Down - Spinning Merkaba
Play Jazz - Oddex
Both Sides/Copyright Crimminals - Jerry Rosier

-30 minute segment- (mellow electronica)
Revolve - His Boy Elroy
Love Bird - Call Me Yang remix of Lisa Debenedictis
Black Atlantic - Lavoura Eletro
Noite de Carnival - Code remix of Cibelle
Little Shiva - The Fog Society
Tender Hands, Wild Minds - Tomas Phusion remix of Lisa Debenedictis

Compiled by teru. All tracks are available at *Except Brilliant Day by Lisa Debenedictis.

Creative Commons License
This mix is for promotional purposes and is free to share under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License.

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